It’s my work, come see, come see. Andrew Omoding at Camden Arts Centre

Dates: 17 – 28 July 2019

Location: Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road, London, NW3 6DG


ActionSpace artist Andrew Omoding invited the public into his studio at Camden Arts Centre. Exploring themes of home, identity and ceremony, Andrew exhibited the works-in-progress developed during his residency throughout June, including performance, sculpture and installation. 

Andrew Omoding’s residency was supported by the Developing your Creative Practice Award from Arts Council England alongside ongoing support from ActionSpace and Camden Arts Centre. 

For more information about Omoding’s residency at Camden Arts Centre visit here. 

“It has been fantastic to see how Andrew’s work has developed over the course of the residency.  The ambition and scale in which he approached the space has produced an exciting new body of work.  He utilised the residency to develop a deepened knowledge of performance, sound and costume-making which has manifested in some interesting new strands to his practice as well as having the opportunity to develop conversations with external and internal curators.  For the Open Studio, Andrew exhibited a real confidence and clear vision for the space and how the works would exist together.  It was a huge success and resulted in the show being extended for an additional week. We will miss his presence at Camden Arts Centre but are looking forward to seeing how his work continues to develop through future exhibitions and residencies.”

Nisha Matthew, Programme Curator, Residencies, Camden Arts Centre



Images: Andrew Omoding at Camden Arts Centre © Hydar Dewachi


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