x3: Ritual Patterns

An image of three artworks by Kwaga Sillingi, Neelam Ahmad and Marina Devlin. The first artwork is an abstract painting of circular forms, the next is a digital drawing of henna and the third is a painting of a tiger amongst green grasses.


x3 exhibition Ritual Patterns launches on the ActionSpace website on 28 September


Ritual Patterns is the latest online exhibition in the x3 series by ActionSpace, Project Ability and Venture Arts. Bringing together three artists: Kwaga Sillingi (ActionSpace), Marina Devlin (Project Ability) and Neelam Ahmad (Venture Arts), Ritual Patterns examines these artists’ interpretations of rituals, repetition, and pattern. Relishing in organic forms, nature, and colour, Ritual Patterns looks at how each of these artists incorporates ritual into their practice through repetition of shapes, motifs and transcendent influences.

The exhibition will be audio described. Audio descriptions are written and voiced by ActionSpace artists Albert Heaney McKinnell and Jide Bamgbose.

Ritual Patterns launches on the ActionSpace website on Tuesday 28 September. Explore other x3 exhibitions online by clicking the following links: Electric Dreams (hosted by Venture Arts) and Altered Space (hosted by Project Ability).

Images: ‘Untitled (2)’, 2021,Kwaga Sillingi. ‘Henna Hand 7’, 2017, Neelam Ahmad. ‘Tiger Gets Ready To Sleep’, Marina Devlin.


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