Shape Open. 6th – 19th September 2019

Dates: 6th – 19th September, 2019

Location: Nunnery Gallery, 181 Bow Rd, London E3 2SJ


ActionSpace artists Ophir Yaron and Tony Allen have been selected for this years Shape Open at the Nunnery Gallery. This year the group exhibition is titled In Circles and responds to the question: are we going around in circles?

Artist Ophir Yaron explains her how her work La la la which will be in the exhibition, responds to the theme:

“Often I don’t understand what people are saying and it goes on and on, around in circles. Nobody is hearing my voice. I want my experience to be heard and so I love painting because it makes me feel free and my voice can be expressed in my art.” 

For Shape Open 2019, ActionSpace artist Tony Allen has created a digital image to be printed on wallpaper and shown as a site-specific installation. Tony explains how his work responds to the theme:

It’s important people hear my voice ‘cos I don’t use it very often. I’ve tried to help people understand me … I’ve tried to give everyone a chance, but no one wants to listen to what I’ve got to say. I look round to see who’s listening to me and if no one’s paying attention then it’s a waste of time so I’m not going to say it again and that’s their loss.”

The Shape Open is an annual exhibition by Shape Arts with a focus on creating an exhibition for disabled and non-disabled artists in response to a disability-centred theme.

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