Postcards of Glasgow – 2015


4 March – 3 April
Venue: Project Ability, 103 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HD
Gallery Opening Times: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm

Born in 1975, Thompson Hall has been a key member of ActionSpace’s Central London studio for over 15 years. He has exhibited widely with ActionSpace and presented his first solo exhibition “Postcards from Brighton” at Brighton Dome in March 2014. Thompson Hall has created a new exhibition entitled “Postcards from Glasgow” especially for the International Summit, which took place in Glasgow from 4 – 6 March.

“Postcards from Glasgow” is a series of vibrant cityscapes depicting landmarks of Glasgow from an outsider’s perspective. Thompson has never been to Glasgow and all of his research and preparatory sketches were done from images in books and on the internet. His paintings convey what he thinks his reaction to the city will be, utilising colour, shape and texture over representation.

ActionSpace’s artist facilitator, Lisa Brown, says “Thompson is a colourist. His work is characterised by the use of intense colour, which becomes the dominant feature of the finished piece. Thompson tends to draw subjects from snippets of life, places he has been to and observations of works at a museum or gallery. He then works with expression and an intuitiveness of mixing and blending of contrasting and complementary colours. His painting style has developed over the years into a unique signature, bursting with colourful and exultant energy. It is a privilege to have watched Thompson grow in confidence with this body of work.”

For more information please contact Project Ability:
Telephone: 0141 552 2822

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