Nnena Kalu: Wrapping


Live Install: Nnena created works live in the Project Space: 30 October – 5 November. This was open to the public to see her artistic process.

Exhibition Dates: 6 November – 8 December

Location: Humber Street Gallery, 64 Humber Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1 1TU


ActionSpace artist Nnena Kalu created and exhibited new sculptural works in her solo exhibition Wrapping at Humber Street Gallery. Nnena Kalu’s sculptural practice is driven by an instinctive urge to create raw and intense sculptural artworks. Kalu’s mighty, colourful sculptures are created by layering and binding materials such as industrial plastic tubing, newspaper, foam, cling film, fabric and tape. Kalu constructed a series of large-scale sculptures that playfully wrapped around the gallery, responding to the unique architecture of the Project Space. 

Members of the public were able to watch Nnena Kalu construct the work in the Project Space from 30th October until 5th November, providing a unique opportunity to see the work in progress and to observe its development.


Nnena Kalu: Wrapping has been reviewed by The Guardian. Read the full article here.


Video created by Absolutely Cultured.

Image: Nnena Kalu’s Wrapping at Humber Street Gallery. Credit: Jules Lister/Courtesy of Humber Street Gallery and the artist.

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