Linda Bell: Hospital Rooms Commission Film at Studio Voltaire

Linda Bell’s Hospital Rooms commission film screened at Studio Voltaire


25 January – 16 February
Studio Voltaire, 1A Nelsons Row, London, SW4 7JR

ActionSpace artist Linda Bell presented a new film at Studio Voltaire, commissioned by Hospital Rooms and ActionSpace. Both celebration and documentation, the film presented an insight into Linda Bell’s experiential artistic practice.

Through her multifaceted approach, Linda explores the sensory nature of materials such as foil, fabric and paper, inviting participants to transform the materials as they engaged with them through movement, interaction and performance. 

Composed of footage from live workshops at Share Garden in May 2022, the film explored the relationship between the artist, work, collaborator and viewer, inviting the viewer to share in Linda’s playful approach to making.

The work emerged from a series of participatory, live art performances led by Linda on Springfield University Hospital’s grounds, facilitated by Hospital Rooms and ActionSpace. This film captured the meditative, collaborative nature of Bell’s practice, and the sculptures and performances she created with the group.

This work will be on permanent display at Springfield University Hospital, Tooting from January 2023 and was commissioned by Hospital Rooms and ActionSpace.

In 2022 Linda Bell was also invited by Hospital Rooms to run a workshop as part of the exhibition ‘Like There is Hope and I Can Dream of Another World’ at Hauser & Wirth.


Image: Linda Bell, Share Garden Workshop, Springfield Hospital. Image courtesy of Phoebe Eustance and Hospital Rooms



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