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Last week, the students of the Leighton Project shared their work from the Leighton Stories project at an exhibition day at Cecil Sharp House.  As part of the Leighton Stories project, the students have been visiting Cecil Sharp House over the past year, and have been taking part in workshops in traditional dance, percussion and song.  At the exhibition day, the students performed an improvised puppetry performance using puppets that they had created, inspired by their research of traditional folk stories and song.  They also shared their visual arts portfolios, online work including images and film, and finished the day with a performance of ‘Olivia Twist’ which they had created during Leighton Project drama sessions.

The students have created an online story book which you can explore here.

Ten of the students on the project have also been working on Arts Award and we are delighted to announce that 8 achieved bronze and 2 silver.

ActionSpace runs a weekly visual art workshops for young people with learning disabilities in Camden, based at the Leighton Project, in partnership with Elfrida Rathbone Camden. Leighton Stories is run in partnership with Elfrida Rathbone Camden, English Folk Dance and Song Society, and Cecil Sharp House, and is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund.  The Artist Facilitator on the project is Lisa Muten, and the Arts Award Trainer is Patricia Finnegan.

Image: Jig Doll by Jasmine of the Leighton Project


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