Ian Wornast: My Neighbourhood in Nine Elms and Art on the Underground Poster

Ian Wornast’s commission to create public artworks in Nine Elms is unveiled

9 September – 30 November
Nine Elms Tube station and locations around Nine Elms and Battersea

‘My Neighbourhood in Nine Elms’ is a new public commission by ActionSpace artist Ian Wornast. Ian was awarded the commission by Wandsworth Council to create a series of public artworks in Nine Elms and Battersea inspired by the transport and architecture of the local area. The five new pieces in the commission have been reproduced as large-scale public artworks on display at a number of sites including the Nine Elms Tube station, produced in collaboration with Art on The Underground and TFL, the Nine Elms Pavilion and along Merchants Way.

Ian is passionate about London’s urban landscape, the city’s changes and developments and particularly its public transport system. Ian’s bold, highly patterned drawings are personal geographic mappings of the city. He incorporates elements of the design and colours of the transport system and creates connections and links showing London through his own lens. Local to the area, he has recorded the dramatically evolving landscape of Nine Elms in these drawings.

Art on the Underground Poster

Photo credit: Ekow Oliver


Produced with support from Art on the Underground, Ian has created a large-scale, highly detailed, pen drawing showing an abstracted cross-section of Nine Elms underground station and its architectural form. The work is on view in the station as a poster artwork at platform level and as a free limited edition foldout artwork designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio. Visit the Nine Elms station to get your free limited edition of the artwork.

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Where to View the ‘My Neighbourhood in Nine Elms’ Commission

Ian’s artworks for the commission is on view at the Nine Elms Tube Station, Nine Elms Pavilion culture noticeboards, Carey Gardens Estate culture noticeboards, Battersea Park Road culture noticeboards, Arch 42 Merchants Way and ROSE Community Clubroom.

About the Commission

Ian Wornast’s ‘My Neighbourhood in Nine Elms’ commission was chosen by the Battersea and Nine Elms community in March 2022 as part of Make Art in Nine Elms, an open call with a community selection process in which seven local artists were chosen to develop new work for the Nine Elms arts programme. The commission is funded by Wandsworth Council.

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