Get the Message exhibition with Andrew Omoding as artist facilitator

Camden Art Centre exhibition

Exhibition Celebration : 12 July 2017 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Exhibition Dates :  8 – 16 July 2017
Location : Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road, NW3 6DG, London

Camden Arts Centre is proud to invite you to the Get the Message exhibition, Making Something Adding More, a student exhibition where ActionSpace artist Andrew Omoding was one of the artist facilitators. It was the first time Camden Arts Centre employed an artist with learning disabilities as part of the project’s team.

Working with Andrew in the team demonstrated how our working structures relied on paperwork, emails, and written plans as well as lengthy, talkative meetings. To make these meetings more accessible, we spoke less and made more. Our meetings have become creative, active and responsive, with visual aids, a lot of materials, numbered agendas and photographs of the workshop plans. By making the meetings and our structures more accessible for Andrew, we have actually made them more accessible and enjoyable for all involved.

Gemma Wright, Camden Arts Centre’s Head of Education


Read Gemma Wright’s full blog here

Get the Message is a Camden Arts Centre project working with young people and teachers from local Special Education Needs (SEN) schools in collaboration with artists. During the 2016 – 2017 academic year, Andrew Omoding, Betsy Dadd and Linda Stupart have worked with schools in the boroughs of Camden, Brent and Barnet using the exhibitions and their experiences at Camden Arts Centre as a starting point towards creating artwork.

This year has focused on transformation, using materials, colour and layers to create objects, drawings, prints, projections, costumes and ceramics. The exhibition presents the work created over the last 12 months as one immersive installation. The artists have reworked the artworks as a way of curating the show, taking the lead for the aesthetics of the space from the students: Making Something, Adding More.

 “I wanted to do more. To work with children, to meet them and teach them.  To do [artwork] to help [their] future.”  Andrew Omoding

Read Andrew’s blog about his experience here

Image: Get the Message session photographed by Hydar Dewachi

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