Finding an Equal Footing: Collaborative Project

Last year artist Sam Haynes was awarded a ‘New Collaborations’ bursary by a-n, the Artist’s Information Company, to research the process of establishing a truly equal partnership between a non disabled and learning disabled artist.

Sam worked alongside ActionSpace’s Co-Director Sheryll Catto, visiting five of their London studio projects to find an artist who might be willing to work in partnership with her. ActionSpace’s artist Linda Bell worked with Sam for a day in ACAVA’s Blenchynden Street studio and this process has been documented here and on a-n’s ‘Artist Talking’ blogsite.

‘Collaboration opens up a new and exciting potential, introducing an element of risk.  It creates an unknown chemistry that can breath life into the creative process.  I felt that my experience of working with Linda touched upon the very essence of this dynamic process.’ [Sam Haynes]

This research project hopes to lead onto a collaborative project late 2014, early 2015.

Download Sam’s article: [download id=”12″]

Sam Hayne’s:
Linda Bell:


Supported by a bursary from a-n
The Artist Information Company

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