Featured Artist for September 2015: Mary Thomas


Mary Thomas creates work that encompasses observational depiction and abstract patterns. She shows great sensitivity in her observational drawing, which she then combines with bold experimental patterns and marks.

See Mary’s work here.
Mary spends a lot of time and intense concentration on observational drawing, picking out finer details of her subject. She also likes to create abstract, more experimental works. Lately Mary has started to combine these two different ways of working to make vibrant exciting images, which show off her sensitive drawing skills and flare for bright bold colours.
Mary is very interested in exploring the traditional art of self-portraiture. Her portraits reveal a thoughtful and serene meditation on self that transcends time and place, while simultaneously creating a captivating and hauntingly beautiful aesthetic that invokes quietly considered visions of femininity.
Mary attends ActionSpace’s Cockpit Tuesday Studio Project, facilitated by Rebekah Cameron, where she uses different materials in her artistic practice and enjoys the challenge of mastering a new media.
Mary has had a number of solo exhibitions both with and outside of ActionSpace. Most recently, ‘An exhibition of abstract still life’ took place at Maida Hill place, curated by Elwin Harewood.
Elwin says of Mary, “Art for Mary is not just the achievement of creating a pictorial-image, it is a way of existing. Her creative disposition extends beyond the pictorial surface to living a full and enriched emotional life.


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