Featured Artist For April 2017: Claudia Williams

Claudia Williams

April Featured artist is Claudia Williams. Claudia is resident studio artist at our Voltaire Friday Studio project.

Claudia Williams creates striking sets of drawings exploring a variety of key themes important to her or from a recent experience. Frequently the themes are reoccurring, focusing on her passion for music and knowledge of record labels, singers, bands and the people in her life. At other times her focus is unexpected and related to something she has observed or encountered.

She often combines themes, fusing popular games with names of musicians, shop signs and song titles. Claudia has a deep need to express herself through her drawings, using her artwork to communicate ideas and feelings. She is prolific, frequently producing up to twenty drawings a day to fully explore and work through an idea.

Writing is a vital element in Claudia’s work. She always writes her name and the date the work was created, as well as frequently including song lyrics and names of particular singers. Often her written ideas merge together creating intriguing titles for work.

Claudia Williams

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