Declan Leslie: x3 Electric Dreams

Online Exhibition

View the exhibition through the video tour on the Venture Arts website and the Art Steps virtual exhibition here.


‘Electric Dreams’ is the first exhibition for ‘x3’, a collaborative programme of exhibitions between ActionSpace, Venture Arts and Project Ability. ‘Electric Dreams’, is inspired by the inner-world of dreamscapes and is curated by Venture Arts artists Daniel Elms and Sally Hirst. This exhibition features the work of Daniel Elms (Venture Arts), Declan Leslie (ActionSpace) and Gary Turner (Project Ability) and can be viewed on the Venture Arts website.

The theme of dreams brings together visions of longed-for natural beauty in the photography of Daniel Elms, whilst the visionary cartoon world of Manga art inspires the surreal work of Gary Turner and horror and the grotesque run through the sometimes-nightmarish work of Declan Leslie.


View the virtual exhibition here


Listen to Venture Art’s Amanda Sutton talk about x3 collaboration on the Break Out Culture Podcast

Hear Amanda discuss the exhibition from 16 minutes into episode 31.

About ‘x3’

We have joined forces with our amazing partner organisations Venture Arts (Manchester) and Project Ability (Glasgow) on a series of collaborative exhibitions titled ‘x3’. Together, we will be presenting a series of virtual exhibitions to showcase the work of our talented artists including new work that has been created during Lockdown.

Follow the link to find out more about ‘x3’ here. 



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