Digital Project at The Horse Hospital


ActionSpace artists from the Cockpit Arts Wednesday group are collaborating with The Horse Hospital and artist and designer Elena Bushueva on a digital project titled ‘Beyond The Picture’. Over the course of three months the artists will work on a series of experimental technology based workshops using a range of digital technologies to explore their artworks though a digital language.

Using drawing, projection and film the artists will collaborate and create an immersive environment to create their own digital visual reality.

The project will accumulate in a digital exhibition that will be live on the ActionSpace website.

The Horse Hospital is an independent arts venue based in the borough of Camden, London with a focus on counter-cultural histories, subcultures and outsider as well as emerging art. It aims to promote art practices and histories often overlooked by the art world by developing a programme which pushes at the limits of the dominant contemporary cultural canon.

Founded in 1993, the Horse Hospital has since been developing an eclectic programme of exhibitions and public events featuring UK-based as well as international artists, including Helen Chadwick, Vivienne Westwood, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Lydia Lunch and Tai Shani.



Images: ActionSpace artists at The Horse Hospital.

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