Claudia Williams: Crack Crack Crack

Online Exhibition

Crack Crack Crack is a digital exhibition of new drawings by Claudia Williams. Created at home during lockdown and over a series of 8 weekly one to one sessions at the ActionSpace South London studio in Brixton, the drawings explore Claudia’s established drawing language expressed over a particular moment in time.



The first drawings reflected the lockdown news with the national message ‘STAY AT HOME’. Including the date is an important part of Claudia’s drawing practice, marking the moment in time the drawing was created. During lockdown with Claudia’s usual active weekly routine entirely changed, time stopped still and the date no longer featured in Claudia’s drawings whilst we all stayed at home and life seemed on pause.

Claudia creates striking drawings of reoccurring subject matters such as portraits of herself, mother and sister as well as her passion for music, song titles and musicians. Writing is a vital element in Claudia’s work. She always writes her name and the date the work was created, as well as frequently including song lyrics and names of particular singers. Often her written ideas merge together creating intriguing titles for work.

The exhibition title Crack Crack Crack is taken from a days drawing featuring portraits of Claudia, her sister Dionne and mother Elaine. The origin of the words Crack Crack Crack are unknown but represent a strong day of drawing.



Another important element of Claudia’s drawing practice is displaying the works. Using a square formatted paper Claudia sticks up each drawing in a tile-like formation to showcase each set of drawings. These mini exhibitions of a particular subjects pull out subtle changes in the series of drawings that Claudia creates. Names andtitles change, outfits change colour. The tiles build up a mosaic of Claudia’s experience of this time and the references that continue to inspire her.





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