Claudia Williams and Mary Oguleye for Watch This Space 2016

Mary Ogunleye and Claudia Williams created live painting and drawing works directly onto the front and back panels of the cube frame. Both artists needed to work independently on their own art pieces but offered a creative platform and inspiration for the workshop participants to develop their own ideas within the space. Mary produced a bold large-scale collaged painting using her own technique of building intuitive marks and colours. Influenced by our location Claudia repeatedly wrote ‘Wandsworth Shopping Centre’ ‘Nice, Nice’ or ‘Nothing, Nothing’ and ‘Never, Never’ systematically within all her drawings. The participants worked on the 2 remaining sides and the inside of the cube, developing their own unique drawings and paintings. Through the workshop the cube was transformed into a fabulous group montage of painted marks, lines, shapes and colour.

Film by Natalya Mykhaylyuk

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