Babajide Brian awarded a Developing your Creative Parctice grant

ActionSpace artist Babajide Brian has been awarded an Arts Council England grant


Congratulations to ActionSpace artist Babajide Brian for being awarded an Arts Council England ‘Developing your Creative Practice’ grant. This exciting funding will support Babajide in developing a body of new work, exploring different processes including printmaking, creating a series of limited edition prints as well as expanding his creative networks through artist studio, curator and gallery visits.

ActionSpace supported Babajide in applying for this funding as part of his artistic development, which coincides with his LOEWE FOUNDATION / Studio Voltaire Award studio.

Babajide comments:
“Ever since I joined ActionSpace six years ago the journey that I have been on has been nothing short of wonderful. They have been as amazing with me as I have with them. This latest personal milestone is quite something, a unique and exciting chapter in my artistic career which stretches back two decades. I have experienced, participated and revelled in every single moment that has to do with art. I’m hoping this award will further strengthen my development as an artist and also inspire me to come up with future ideas for my work.”

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