Miriam-Jane Ramsey

Chiefly working on paper and canvas in a range of painting and drawing materials, Miriam-Jane’s work is a celebration of her imagination, sense of humour and personality.

A precise yet multi-faceted artist, Miriam-Jane’s versatile oeuvre takes reference from everything spanning Matisse to Lamborghinis. Her attention to detail, skilful hand and punchy voice underpins unique windows into alternative universes, and mirrors reflecting our world chopped and screwed. Miriam is also a writer and often uses poetic techniques in her visual art too.

Miriam Ramsey sometimes makes work under the artist name Jane DaVigo

Miriam says about her work:

My art is about animals in a garden. They are dangerous. The rain, the sun, the thunder. The seasons. The animals have no master, and that is it.
I am my own master, but often thought of as inferior. I try to paint about my inner soul. A person is an animal when they escape rules invented to restrict a soul.
We are not the same, like the animals are. We are persons only in the flesh.
It is positive to be like an animal, small animals are butterflies. Colour means war, and love.