Mary Ogunleye

Mary Ogunleye creates bold large-scale paintings, which explore repetition, movement and colour. She has a methodical approach to her work often applying initial brush marks in a symmetrical pattern, creating the basis for the rest of the painting to build upon. She then works intuitively responding to colours and marks already applied, developing the painting with a more organic approach. Mary will complete a painting in a day, pacing herself perfectly to suit the size of paper she is working on and the time frame she has to work in. She frequently combines painting with collage to create solid, confident works of art taking bold to another level. Mary has also developed an extensive body of sculptural work, applying the same methodical approach to create threaded sculptures using foam, fabric and plastics. Once she has constructed multiple sculptures she will experiment with placing them together into piles, hanging from nearby structures or wearing them.

A number of pieces of original artwork by Mary Ogunleye are held for sale, sizes vary.  To find out more email Vicky.


Mary’s vast body of threaded sculptural works have been exhibited across London, including in Selfridges with The Museum of Everything, Exhibition 4, Studio Voltaire and Shape in the City. Mary created a large-scale site-specific installation with her threaded sculptures for the Wandsworth Arts Festival in 2011, suspending her sculptures from the ceiling of an empty shop in the Southside Shopping Centre and again in Tooting Market in 2012.

Recently Mary has shifted the focus of her practice more specifically to her painting, developing larger scale works which combine painting and collage. In 2014 Mary developed her largest painting to-date for the ‘Watch This Space’ exhibition in the Southside Shopping Centre, working onsite she created a stunning large-scale piece directly in the shop space. In 2016 Mary again created another site specific painting during her Watch This Space workshop. Participants worked alongside Mary, creating their own collages and paintings inspired by her practice as Mary steadily developed a huge, beautiful painted collage throughout the day.


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