Kwaga Sillingi

Kwaga Sillingi combines paper collage, acrylic and emulsion to create bold, large-scale paintings, which repeatedly explore dense colour combinations and layouts of circular forms. Frequently working on multiple paintings at a time Kwaga has developed her own unique, systematic painting process; collaging loose painted circles into ordered patterns to form the basis for larger, final works. A background colour is applied then each circle is individually crowned with its own coloured perimeter or loop. Over time the patterns laid down have shifted in style from tight order into looser, chunkier, diagonal formations with layer upon layer of thick painterly loops. The work gradually evolves as Kwaga confidently and lovingly applies thick brush marks, reveling in the rich colours and paint texture, the under layer of collaged circles disappear, leaving an echo of dense, looped circles.

Kwaga joined the ActionSpace studio in 2018 and has quickly developed a vast body of vibrant paintings with her own distinctive style.

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