Julien Soret

Julien Soret has developed his own visual language through the medium of cartoons. He often takes inspiration from his favourite cartoon characters and toy objects, such as a car, which he brings into the studio to use as his muse.

He works with focus and energy, relaying his narratives in many images throughout the day. Each new day brings a new set of stories, like a comic book with weekly instalments. Julien experiments with a range of materials and mediums. He has developed great skills in mixing several mediums into one piece to create heightened drama and visual effect. He has a great repertoire of characters and figures, all of whom depict an array of wonderfully drawn facial emotions and gestural expressions.

Julien’s work can portray the hugely comic as well as the deeply tragic. His individual drawing are developing into feature length stories that will develop further the more he explores his ideas.

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