Helen Biney

Helen Biney’s practice combines 2D and 3D work made from found and repurposed textiles and other materials. The preparation – cutting, sorting, arranging -is very important as Helen’s work is formed via process; sequences of making that create the final piece. Some pieces have taken shape over a number of years and are still mutating and evolving. Her love of geometric shapes and patterns informs many of her projects, and her favoured palette of intense hues contributes to the vibrancy and exuberance of the finished work.

Helen experiments with other materials including felt and glue, combining 2D and 3D work in spontaneous collaged paintings, embroideries, small sculptural objects and flamboyant hats. While form, planning and sequence are vital components of Helen’s process, the finished work radiates joy, humour and a strong sense of playfulness.

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