Declan Leslie

Declan Leslie’s practice is all about visual storytelling.  He works across a range of media; 2D (drawing and painting), 3D(sculpture, ceramics and model making) and digital (film and animation), whichever best suits the particular story he is trying to tell.

Declan Leslie creates very inventive fluid drawings in which he explores various themes.  He likes to research a subject matter and really work through all the variations he can get from it. Declan‘s work is often populated by figures, he particularly likes scenarios that represent the more macabre aspects of human behaviour, these can include horror and grotesqueries in which he adds a twist of humour.  He creates works with various drawing mediums and as part of his art practise he explores these mediums pushing them as far as he can go once, he has exhausted their possibilities he likes to begin experimenting with a new medium.  Within his material experimentations he often creates his own unique techniques.

In 2016 Declan designed sets for the inclusive theatre group FaceFront’s production “It’s My Move”




Art is Part of The Equation, Royal Academy, 2019 (group show)

Bold & Beautiful, Kentish Town City Farm, October 2018 – ongoing

The Out There Art Fair, Cockpit Arts Christmas Open Studios, 2017 (group show)

The Out There Art Fair, Cockpit Arts Christmas Open Studios, 2016 (group show)

Dizziness of Freedom, Tight Modern Tour, 2014 (group show)

Oh Wow! 32 Responses to Colour and Light, Cockpit Arts Summer Open Studios, 2014 (group show)

A Carriage Through Time, London Transport Museum, 2014 (group show)

I Was Framed, Cockpit Arts Christmas Open Studios, 2013 (group show)


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