Cecilia Caulder

Cecilia Caulder has developed an artistic practice that focuses on her own unique visual language. Her artwork style of acute attention to details helps her comprehend the world around her.

Cecilia’s artwork often begins with photographs that she captures of landscapes and the natural world. She then organises the images into organic and pixel-like shapes which appear both hyper realistic and abstract. Her work gives equal importance to background, foreground, colour and form. The pieces are intricate, intense, playful, graphic, well structured and contain a gentle softness.

Cecilia works with a variety of mediums from acrylic, gouache to posca pens to achieve both fluid watercolour blends and beautiful fine detail. She often plays with scale and composition to blow up the images, allowing her unique style of drawing to come into its own.

In 2023, Cecilia was selected for the Making Space programme at the Royal Academy of Arts.

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