Babajide Brian

Babajide Brian primarily works with drawing. Using pencil, mechanical pencil, and fine liners on paper Babajide works directly from life, photographic imagery and memory. His work falls into two distinct areas of architecture and portraiture. His architectural drawings are precisely detailed, carefully constructed to represent the beauty and energy of the subject in its location.

Babajide’s recent work centres around both portraits and shirt designs based on the FA Premier League. This large body of work features over 100 drawings. Babajide shares more about this series:

“The work is very diverse where I have documented many faces from different nationalities purely though black and white mark making. The drawings explore the culture of the sport and how it has evolved. Through the drawings, I add in my own unique take on its history to the present. This artwork is based on research and highlights anti-discrimination and racism which has existed for decades not just within the sport but from a societal point of view as well. It not only focuses on the history of the Premier League but also focuses on each football club, its identity, its historical past, the supporters, and the city that it represents”

In 2023, Babajide was a recipient of the LOEWE FOUNDATION / Studio Voltaire Award and was selected for the Making Space programme at the Royal Academy of Arts.

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