Abdul Jalil

Abdul’s work reflects his interest in comic book characters, superheroes, natural history and transport.  He draws in felt pen, using mostly bright primary colours and has an attentive, experimental eye for composition. Abdul often works from memory, creating images of everyday life juxtaposed with science fiction, scenes informed by visits to museums, the cinema, TV and books.

Abdul develops the characters he creates in his drawings and builds narratives around them by drawing them into different scenes.  Words are very important to Abdul and he transcribes both words and phrases from books, billboards, TV and films.  He has recently begun to dictate stories blending both events he has experienced and fantasy. Abdul’s work ranges from stark graphic simplicity to complex narrative pieces, often reproduced in different colourways and all linked by his unique gentle humour.


Abdul Jalil is a resident artist at ActionSpace’s Newham Studio


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