A short film produced by Tony Allan, Lisa Brown and Inga Tillere. Filmed and edited by Inga Tillere.


A short film commissioned by ActionSpace and produced by Tony Allan, Lisa Brown and Inga Tillere. Tony Allan is a disabled artist who works with text and creates slogans in a unique brightly coloured lettering style. His colourful cartoons and slogans take a humorous, occasionally challenging, yet always a reflective look at the world, suggesting alternative interpretations of familiar situations and everyday observations. Tony wants to be thought provoking within his work, although often his work functions as a self-assembled diary capturing different feelings and thoughts. Tony has a poor memory as a result of an injury suffered 25 years ago and for him it is essential to write down his thoughts. However his work is also a conversation discussing issues, which affect him personally and should matter to everyone in the human race. “ART IS PART OF THE EQUATION” documents Tony Allan’s moving artwork, which was created for the Lord Mayor’s Show in November 2014 in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts. Unfortunately, just days before the film was finished, Tony went missing. He was last seen on Sunday 31 May in London E15 area and not found until Friday 5 June – exhausted and starving. During his absence the film was completed and dissemintaed via social media to aid the search.

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