ActionSpace Connected

ActionSpace Connected is an evolving record of how ActionSpace artists, artist facilitators, volunteers and staff are creating artworks during the Covid-19 pandemic. Bringing together submissions from those who make up the ActionSpace family, we want to use this space as an opportunity to highlight the creative and artistic drive at the heart of our organisation and to share our thoughts and feelings with our friends and supporters.


Robin Smith: Outside Studio

Robin Smith presents a new series of figurative paintings created outside his home, in his front yard and open to the street over 6 weeks in the summer during the Coronavirus lockdown and whilst shielding. With socially distanced support from ActionSpace Associate Artist Charlotte Hollinshead, Robin took his studio practice outside and created ‘live’ paintings, sharing his process and final artworks with fellow residents, his neighbours


Working on canvas and wooden boards and combining bold acrylics and emulsion Robin created 8 fascinating, stylised female figures standing strong, both individually and as a group.

“Painting outside has been lovely, you get fresh air and you can paint outside, that’s it”- Robin Smith


‘Rule of Six Raucous’ by Thompson Hall. Thompson is continuing to create drawings responding to the news about the Coid-19 pandemic and changing government guidelines. This is an extension of the artwork Thompson created for the exhibition ‘Lockdown Legacy’.


Collage by Amita Ramchandani.


Thompson Hall and Ophir Yaron visited the newly reopened British Museum with Artist Facilitator Jackie Ford. Thompson and Ophir were interested in the Greek vases and stopped to sketch the artefacts.

‘Portugal’ by Ophir Yaron.


Claudia Williams drawing in the ActionSpace Brixton Studio


Drawings by Claudia Williams



Linda Bell has been creating experimental film and interactive sculptures during 6 weekly one to one sessions at our South London studio.


Drawing by Tim Nixon.

Evan Bond has created a series of portraits of his fellow artists from their weekly Wednesday group zoom sessions. Evan wanted to draw the group wearing their face masks.


‘Tree’ by Adam Crown


Cecilia Caulder has created a series of drawings that document what she has been up to during lockdown.


Taking inspiration from a cubist style painting of a boat Amita Ramchandani has created this colourful collage.



Tim Nixon has been using images sent to him by artist facilitator Lisa Brown as inspirations for new some new drawings. Danny from Tim’s house also joined in and has been inspired by this image of a skull island.


New painting on canvas by Miriam Jane Ramsey 


Drawing by Mark Walters


Drawing of the garden by Aled Williams. 


Artist facilitator Rebekah Cameron has been creating and posting out collages to the different artists in her group.


Tim Nixon and Amita Ramchandani worked on a series of drawings and collages inspired by the artist Roy Lichtenstein and looked at Superhero’s during their weekly zoom session with artist facilitator Lisa Brown. This week Danny and John from the house joined in too!


Painting of ActionSpace artist Tim Nixon by Artist Facilitator Lisa Brown.


Drawings and textile sculpture by Patsy Morgan. 


Painting by Adam Crown.


Ian Wornast has been working on a new series of drawings for the online exhibition ‘From My Window’. Find out more here.


ActionSpace volunteer Frank Laws has been working on a series of commissions called ‘Lockdown Views’. Close to his 100th painting, people send Frank their view from isolation which he then paints at A5 size. Find out more here.


‘Home It Makes You Feel Good’, drawing by Tony Allen.


‘London Lockdown’ – a poem by Miriam – Jane Ramsey.


Mixed media painting by Jorrell Bonnick.


Watercolour painting of a volcano by Adam Crown. Adam started to use watercolours just before lockdown and has continued to develop using this medium at home.


‘Clapping for Captain Tom Moore’ by Patrick Moses.


Drawing by Daniel Seneviratne. Daniel’s artwork will be a part of our Brent 2020 exhibition.


 Bert Heaney McKinnell has been working a photographic archive that records his experience of the pandemic. View the project here.


Soundscape drawing by project artist facilitator and volunteer Jackie Ford.


Cecilia Caulder has been working on a new floral drawing at home.


Evan Bond has continued to work as a workshop leader on the Camden Art Centre SEN Schools Programme with artists Natalie Zervou-Kerruish and Lydia CS. Find out more here.


Tim Nixon presenting a new drawing


Thompson Hall looking at his Unlimited ‘Isolation Illustration’ blog with Artist Facilitator Lisa Brown.


‘When is the Lockdown Going to End’, drawing by Ophir Yaron. Ophir has been working via weekly video call with artist facilitator Jackie Ford on a new project.


Paintings by Abu Hasnat


Painting by Miriam-Jane Ramsey. Miriam has written a poem in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


A deadly threat
to life spreads
We sitt
and wait
to passively absorb
the news
We never believed
this could happen
to the world
A malignant organisms
to spiral out of control
and inundate our lives,
these foreign germs
are a warning of the conflict
of the taming of wild microbes
we wash our hands
shake hands with elbows
If we don’t take action
humanity might
be left an orphan
to a mysterious virus

Digital collage by Bert Heaney McKinnell


Drawing by Roland Young


Declan Leslie has created this new sculpture using collage, clothing and drawings on cardboard.


Philippa Marshall  has been creating lots of different artworks from home including drawing, collage and painting in the garden.


Thomas Owen has been working with artist facilitator Pia Bramley on a drawing project via video call.


Portrait of Thomas Owen by artist facilitator Lisa Brown.


Claudia Williams has created a large body of drawings focusing on her love of music, people that she knows and her experience of staying at home.


Paintings by ActionSpace volunteer Anya Mustoo. This series of paintings are observations taken from collages that Anya had been collaborating on with Patrick Moses at ActionSpace.


Robin Smith presents a new double sided painting on board.


‘Tiger’ by Tim Nixon.

Claudia Williams has created a series of drawings of the musician John Miles.


Installation by Pardip Kapil 

Pardip Kapil with his installation. Pardip has been creating installations in his house using photographic records of his previous performances and mixed media.


Iffah Amaioua has created a new textural abstract painting at home.


Digital illustration by ActionSpace volunteer Rhiannon Thornton


Ian Wornast has been working on an evolving exhibition from home and recording what he can see from his house in his drawings. Click here to view the exhibition.


Ali Kamalati and artist facilitator Lisa Brown creating portraits together over video call.


Painting by Mark Walters


Drawing of Ali Kamalati by artist facilitator Rebekah Cameron


Abu Hasnat drawing at home.


Painting by ActionSpace artist facilitator Lisa Muten

Painting by ActionSpace artist facilitator Lisa Muten


Cecilia Caulder painting at home.


Umar Ravat and artist facilitator Lesley Greening-Lassoff have been playing a drawing game where they send each other a botanical or Latin word that the other researches and creates an artwork in response to it.


‘The Gift’ by ActionSpace volunteer Shelley Davies.


Paintings by Kwaga Sillingi.


ActionSpace volunteer Lyson Marchessault has been working on a series of ceramics at home. Lyson hopes to glaze and fire the sculptures when the studios that she is a part of reopens.


Artist facilitator Rebekah Cameron has been creating collages to send to ActionSpace artists from the studio groups she works with. Including this hybrid creature for Patricia Morgan.

Collage by artist facilitator Rebekah Cameron.


Thompson Hall has been creating a series of drawings that respond to Covid-19 as part of his Unlimited commission.


Painting by Matthew Berry

Painting by Matthew Berry

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