In the studio

We provide studio sessions that are tailored to artists’ visions and development


We currently have three studios across London.

Within these studios, our artists range in their artistic ability: some are new to exploring their interest in art more seriously, and others are on the cusp of a more established art practice. For some artists, it is about the process of making and expressing themselves, for others it is about the finished piece and receiving feedback from audiences. The needs of our artists also vary greatly, from those who are independent to those with more complex needs. We use our experience and ability to be able to adapt depending on their artist.

We like to make sure artists develop their niche and so do our best to match individuals to a suitable group and the practices of our Artist Facilitators.

Our Artist Facilitators are artists and specialists with much experience, provide guidance, support and mentorship. They organise the sessions assisted closely by Volunteers.

The intimate groups of 5 – 10 people enable us to support artists in personalised and individualised weekly sessions which are non-directive. The groups are a buzzing, nurturing environment in which artists share ideas and inspire one another. Our Artist Facilitators and Volunteers are skilled in listening, observing and developing artists with realising and expressing their ideas. To read about our current Artist Facilitators click here.

Our projects are long-term and we encourage weekly commitment.  We work with the aim to develop an artist’s practice into a professional one, providing opportunities for artists to showcase and sell their work. You can read about our exhibitions here and other events here.

Would you like to join a studio? Contact Siobhan on 020 7209 4289 or


Our Pastoral Care Coordinator, Siobhan is experienced in working with people with a range of access needs. Siobhan ensures smooth transition for new artists, and ensures each individual has the support in place needed to progress.

Image 1: Thompson Hall in the studio
Image 2: Andrew Omoding with Artist Facilitator Lisa Brown

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