The Unseen | Silverlinings Exhibition with ActionSpace artists

The Unseen T-shirt

Private View and Secret Sale:  Friday 18 November 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Exhibition: Thursday 17 November  – Saturday 19 November
Opening Times: 10am – 5pm
Location: The Koppel project 93 Baker St, London W1U 6RL
Free entry

ActionSpace artists have been asked to customize t-shirts donated by The Unseen, as part of the Silver Linings project, after The Unseen’s logo was subject to copyright infringement.

The Silver Linings project brought together trained, untrained, known, unknown, seen and unseen artists and aimed to raise awareness of health and happiness through the power of art by promoting wider access to creative activities.

The t-shirts were initially going to be destroyed or sold at a lesser cost so instead Silver Linings decided to approach artists to transform the t-shirts into art pieces. The t-shirts were then be auctioned off anonymously during their Private view and Secret Sale. Once bought, the identity of the artist was revealed.
All artworks were featured in a free exhibition for two days only before the auction. Have a look at what’s has been created here including designs by ActionSpace artists.

All proceeds were donated to Daily Life Ltd and Painting in Hospitals


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