Peperfield Art Project 2017-2018

Peperfield Open 2016 2017
The Peperfield Art Project is a specialist arts project for artists with profound and multiple learning disabilities, and is starting its sixth year in partnership with the Peperfield Daycare Centre in Camden.
The artists will explore paint, texture and collage in their work and interact also with sensory objects and different environments.
The weekly sessions are facilitated by Phoebe Barnicoat, assisted by Pia Bramley.

I first joined Peperfield art programme as a volunteer in 2016 because I was eager to learn about the kind of work ActionSpace was doing outside of the studio.


Immediately I was welcomed into the tight Peperfield community and was excited to see the work that was happening there. The programme that runs every Thursday morning for 25 weeks at Peperfield Day Centre aims to create a stimulating and supportive space for the group of artists to experiment and play with new materials. Every Thursday I learn something from the group, the programme works intuitively, listening to the participant’s ideas and supporting them to follow the direction of making that they are inspired by.


The project aims to support the group to develop their practice, working towards a final exhibition in June. For me, this exhibition is a significant moment for the artists to see their work and others interacting with it in a fresh light and is rare chance for us to reflect upon the value of the process and experimentation as an artist – something I try to remember when I’m back in my own studio!

If you would like any more information about this or any other ActionSpace projects, please email Siobhan or phone 020 7209 4289

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Image: Peperfield Open in June 2017

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