Nnena Kalu: OutsideIn’s Artist of The Month

Nnena Kalu has been selected by OutsideIn as this month’s Artist of The Month. Her work will also be shown in OutsideIn’s exhibition Discover at Cerno Capital later this month.

Nnena Kalu binds and layers materials together. Driven by an instinctive and determined urge to build repeated marks and forms she creates raw and intense artworks. Since 2010 Nnena has created a vast number of sculptural forms of varying sizes; from collections of small, tightly constructed pods and cocoons to large, complex pieces.

Charlotte Hollinshead (Artist Facilitator)

To read about Nnena Kalu as Artist of The Month, click here

To read more about OutsideIn’s exhibition Discover at Cerno Capital, read here

Image: Nnena Kalu at work in the ActionSpace studio 

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