My Life in London


After showing in two different locations in London, The Koppel Project Hive and The Southbank Centre, Ian Wornast & Thompson Hall‘s exhibition, My Life In London will show at Project Ability in Scotland January & February 2019. To keep updated, visit this page or join our mailing list.


The exhibition has been extremely well received in London, Ian & Thompson’s work was reviewed by Disability Arts Online. Writer, Dolly Sen, wrote of the exhibition:


I am a Londoner through birth and upbringing, spending most of my life there. I moved away a couple of years ago. I have to say I miss the big smoke and Hall’s and Wornast’s work reminds me why. [Hall and Wornast] have created deep-coloured, brilliant, glowing work that has distilled the energies and the flurry and furore of the city. But they also have highlighted the connection a person, a heart can have to a city.
Dolly Sen of Disability Arts Online


If you missed the exhibition or would like another experience of it, don’t forget to check out the Audio Description below.

Audio Description by Jenni Halton

To see images from The Koppel Project Hive exhibition please click here
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