Happy New Year from ActionSpace

Mary Olungeye

We have a dynamic programme of exhibitions and projects lined up for 2017! Here’s a quick snapshot of just some of our upcoming events.

  • The artists of our Saturday Voltaire Studio Project are putting on an exhibition on Saturday 11 February at Omnibus Clapham. A digital version of the exhibition will be available afterwards giving a deeper insight into how the artists developed their work.
  • Once again during May we will take over a shop in Southside Shopping Centre to bring you Watch This Space as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe.  This year, we’ll have a bigger presence than ever before, so watch out for that!
  • We’re thrilled to be starting up a new project in Brent from January. The project, taking place in the beautiful setting of ACAVA Studios, Barham Park, will be for young people with learning disabilities in Brent looking to take part in visual arts activities. To find out more about joining the sessions email Siobhan.
  • The Friday Afternoon Club at the Royal Academy continues. Most recently, Thompson Hall has co-lead the sessions and next up, Ian Wornast will co-lead in February.
  • Andrew Omoding continues his employment with Camden Arts Centre as a workshop leader on Get the Message. We’ll have more information about the final exhibition in the project later in the year.
  • ActionSpace artist Matthew Berry has been selected for Shape Open 2017, and we are excited to see his piece in the exhibition from 19 January at Mile End ecology Pavillion.

Artwork by Mary Ogunleye

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