Featured Artists For February 2018: Ian Wornast and Thompson Hall

Ian Wornast and Thompson Hall artworks

Image: Artwork detail by Ian Wornast (left) and Thompson Hall (right)

Ian Wornast’s bold, colourful drawings reflect his love of London and the various methods and routes for travelling around the city. He draws from memory and sourced images. Each piece is made up of a network of intricate patterns that are woven together into structures of colour and form, building up into complex tableaux that provide the viewer with an intimate insight into the mapped city as he sees it. Ian has a very unique visual signature. His viewers come back to his work again and again, always finding something new that they had not noticed before.

Thompson Hall works intuitively in a variety of media, specialising in acrylic paint and pastel. He has an uncanny eye for detail and spends his spare time sketching the urban landscape and in galleries and museums, using these observational sketches as the basis for artwork that depicts the world in vibrant Technicolor. He uses colour to convey a mood or a theme rather than an accurate re-creation of what he sees. Most recently, Thompson was co-commissioned by Outside In and HOUSE Festival to create new work at an exhibition at The Regency Town House 2016, Home Away from Home.

Ian Wornast and Thompson Hall will exhibit My Life in London as awarded by Unlimited Artists Commission.The exhibition will take place on 21 – 27 March 2018 at The Koppel Project Hive and will chronicle the experiences of learning disabled people as they journey through life in the 21st Century.


Image: Tottenham Court Road station by Ian Wornast (left) and Untitled by Thompson Hall (right)

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