Featured Artist For November 2017: Tim Nixon

Artwork by Tim Nixon

November Featured Artist is Tim Nixon. Tim Nixon is a resident studio artist at our Cockpit Friday Studio Project.

Tim’s colourful artwork is a reflective view of his world through his vivid imagination and playful character. He works in acrylic paint, oil pastel and pens. He mixes intense colours with reoccurring graphic shapes, which he often marks out in bold colours or black ink. He creates large-scale, mixed media paintings and smaller, more intricate drawn pieces.

His most recent works are based around the current exhibition Jasper Johns Something Resembling Truth at the Royal Academy. Tim Nixon will run on 12th and 26th November 2017, with other ActionSpace artists, a family workshop inspired by his practice and the Jasper Johns exhibition for the Royal Academy, where families will be exploring ideas of family identity by using an assortment of stamps, stencils, felt tips and paint to create their own family symbol and flag.

More of Tim’s work here


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