Featured Artist For March 2017: Mary Ogunleye

Mary Ogunleye

March Featured artist is Mary Ogunleye. Mary is resident studio artist at our Voltaire Friday Studio project.

Mary Ogunleye creates bold large-scale paintings, which explore repetition, movement and colour. She has a methodical approach to her work often applying initial brush marks in a symmetrical pattern, creating the basis for the rest of the painting to build upon. She then works intuitively responding to colours and marks already applied, developing the painting with a more organic approach. Mary will complete a painting in a day, pacing herself perfectly to suit the size of paper she is working on and the time frame she has to work in.

She frequently combines painting with collage to create solid, confident works of art taking bold to another level. Mary has also developed an extensive body of sculptural work, applying the same methodical approach to create threaded sculptures using foam, fabric and plastics. Once she has constructed multiple sculptures she will experiment with placing them together into piles, hanging from nearby structures or wearing them.

Mary Ogunleye

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