Thompson Hall

Thompson Hall works primarily in acrylic paint and pastel. A frequent visitor of museums and galleries, he sketches the urban landscape and uses these observations to create flat and patterned compositions. Hall has a nurtured interest in art and art history, citing references like Auerbach and studying the free exhibitions across London intently.

His use of colour is spontaneous, using his palette to express the feelings and emotions a space can create. Describing his depictions as “more abstract” than true to life, Thompson Hall’s interpretations of buildings and places are windows into his experience and history.

Of his process, Thompson has said,

“I kind of have a plan in my head but it’s not really set. If I’m at home I tend to spend a bit of time thinking about what sort of images I use, or to draw. Sometimes I use colours to express feelings and emotions. I suppose it’s also to describe my personality”

Most recently, Thompson has been awarded an Unlimited Emerging Artists co-comission with Ian Wornast to create the exhibition, My Life in London at The Koppel Project Hive.

Thompson Hall is a resident artist at ActionSpace’s Cockpit Arts studio and writes on a monthly basis on the ActionSpace blog.



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