Thomas Owen

Thomas Owen is a keen observer of life and has a unique eye for detail. His artworks represent subconscious reflections and inner conversations about what is happening around him, things he finds interesting and how he feels.

Thomas perceives and explores his subjects from many different angles and often incorporates multiple images into his artwork, whilst at the same time retaining a sense of simplicity and balance. He constantly surveys and studies his surroundings, then chooses a small, often insignificant detail, something that no one else would even notice. He uses that detail as a pattern to deconstruct and recreate the scene. What emerges from underneath the layers of critical thought and the conscious mind is a highly imaginative and innovative depiction of mundane environments, objects and people, recreated with clarity, originality and humour.

A self-taught artist, Thomas has exhibited at the Southbank Centre, Camden Arts Centre and has been selected for Shape’s 2013 Open Submission exhibition.