Andrew Omoding selected for HOUSE Commissions 2017

Exhibition: Common Threads 

Location: Phoenix Brighton, 10 – 14 Waterloo Place, Brighton, BN2 9NB
Exhibition dates: 30 September – 5 November 
Exhibition times: Wednesday to Sunday 11:00 -17:00

We are delighted that Andrew Omoding has been co-commissioned alongside textile artist Anthony Stevens by HOUSE Biennal and Outside In to create a joint exhibition for the first time.
Both artists work with mixed media and textiles, taking discarded and unwanted materials and repurposing them to create new objects that share personal stories and perspectives. They were both influenced by the theme of ‘Excess’ and the work of HOUSE Biennial invited artist Laura Ford for this commission.


Andrew Omoding said:

“I’m happy. People come and see my work in the exhibition. They are happy. They dance and sing. People will come together.”

Ugandan born Andrew Omoding’s work is largely autobiographical. His mixed media creations include sculptures, books and costumes made from left-over and scrap materials he finds.  Andrew selects a variety of found materials to weave, wrap, sew, thread and construct new objects. An intuitive process, the works are created as his stories evolve. Whilst making, the artist simultaneously sings, performs and shares his works through storytelling.

HOUSE Biennial Curator Celia Davies said:
“Both artists have been selected for the commission as they share an intuitive approach to working with mixed media and textiles.”


The collaboration between HOUSE Biennial and Outside In is a continuation of a fruitful working relationship initiated during HOUSE’s previous festival, where the two organisations co-commissioned artists including Thompson Hall and his exhibition Home away from Home in 2016.

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