About our studio projects

About our Studio Projects



Our Studio projects are the core of our work. At our weekly sessions beginning, emerging and established artists with learning disabilities develop their practices using our facilities, equipment and materials in a professional studio environment.

The sessions are facilitated by ActionSpace’s specialist Artist Facilitators, who provide support, guidance and mentoring. Volunteers assist the Artist Facilitators, enabling us to support the artists on a 1:1 basis. The Artist Facilitators and Volunteers work in a non-directive way, instead listening to and carefully observing the artists to assist them with realising their concepts and ideas.

The projects are supported by the Pastoral Care Coordinator who is experienced in working with people with a range of access needs. The Pastoral Care Coordinator ensures smooth transition for new artists, and ensures each individual has the support in place needed to progress.

ActionSpace has 9 Studio Projects across 3 Studios in North London, South London and East London.  There are 6-10 artists in each studio project, enabling the artists to have the space and support they need to develop their practices. Our projects are long-term and we encourage weekly commitment.  The regular workshops enable progression and development to becoming established artists.  Although the artists work individually, they are also part of a group who are inspired by and feedback to one another.  The artists pay fees to attend the sessions, many of them paying from their personal budgets.

Our exhibition and events programme and the ActionSpace website provide our studio artists with opportunities to showcase and sell their work.

You can read about each of our Studio Projects from the drop down menu.

Image: Matthew Berry with his work

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